Creating custom user profile pages with ACF

In this article we are going to show you how you can use the Advanced Custom Fields plugin to easily create a custom front-end user profile page.

Customization is with no doubt one of the strongest sides of using WordPress. It allows you to store data in the way you want it, and display it as you need it. 

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Converting user meta fields into a readable format

The Users Insights plugin can be used to read your custom user meta fields from a wide range of plugins. The problem is that not all plugins will store your data in a human-readable format. We do have modules for some plugins and they will to do this conversion and show you your data in a way that it makes sense for you. But for the plugins that we don’t have modules for it’s still possible to read your data.

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How to Calculate Your Repeat Purchase Rate in WooCommerce

When it comes to online stores built using WordPress, WooCommerce is certainly the most popular option. And that is for a good reason, WooCommerce allows great e-commerce functions for free and it’s easily extendable. But once your store reaches a certain point you’ll need to know more about your customer base. And when that time comes you will need to use external tools to extract more information from your raw data, as this isn’t one of WooCommerce’s goals.

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How to Import Your WordPress Users from a CSV File

As a business owner, you probably know that it’s impossible to be good at everything. The same rule applies to software. WordPress chooses to keep its core as simple as possible, yet powerful for content management and incredibly easy to customize and extend. It also helps a lot that it has a great community-focused development approach so they build features that help the community and that are easy to extend and customize if they aren’t exactly what we need.

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