How to create and manage event registration with WordPress

Organizing and managing an event can be quite complex. There are so many different moving parts to handle. Additionally creating a system to allow users to register for the events can be tricky and expensive, but luckily WordPress has many tools to help you do this. In today’s article we’ll look into the WordPress event registration process and how to manage events more efficiently in WordPress. Additionally, we dive into the many advantages of this approach to create long-term relationships with your attendees.

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How to sell digital downloadable products with WooCommerce

Today we take a deep dive into how to sell digital downloadable products with WooCommerce. We go from the basic definition of digital products and its usefulness for many business types. Then we check how it can be used as a revenue strategy, and how it differs from physical products. Following our job is to set up our digital products in WooCommerce. In addition, we see how to set up more complex and advanced digital products. And finally, we go over the security and licensing details, and how to protect your products.

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How to create an attendance management system with WordPress

Online attendance management software that captures attendance data in real time, carries all the advantages of a physical one, but better. Along with the digital presence, there’s a full control over your attendee data. Thus, we can perform the next level of event attendee tracking and analysing. It’s possible to store and process unlimited amounts of data regarding your users and this data is seamlessly integrated into one centralised place.

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