The Device Detection module of the Users Insights WordPress plugin can give you information on the type of device that your users use and more details about it. Once you install the Users Insights plugin and activate the Device Detection module, every time one of your WordPress users visits your site (when logged in), the plugin will detect and save their device information, so it is available for the next time you browse the Users Insights users list.

The information that this module detects for each WordPress user is the following:

  • Browser – detects the browser name
  • Browser Version – detects the version of the browser used
  • Platform – detects the platform (such as Windows, iPhone or Android)

WordPress Users Device Detection, browser and platform information

Like all of the Users Insights fields, the device information fields are also available in the Users Insights filters, so you can easily filter your WordPress users by this data – for example, you can filter your WordPress users by the browser that they use:

Filter WordPress users by browser


The device information is also available on the profile page of each user:

WordPress user browser and platform details

You can also export the device information of your WordPress users by using the Users Insights export feature. For example, if you select the Browser, Browser Version and Platform fields to be visible in the users table, when you click on the Export button these fields will be exported in the same way as they are shown on the table:

Export WordPress user browser and platform information