Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) is a popular WordPress plugin that makes it easy for people to sell digital products through their WordPress site. The Easy Digital Downloads module for Users Insights is specially designed to integrate the Easy Digital Downloads users data with Users Insights. If you are using the Easy Digital Downloads plugin for running your digital products online store, you will love the EDD module for Users Insights. The EDD module automatically detects if you have Easy Digital Downloads installed on your WordPress setup and extends the Users Insights plugin by adding a number of additional fields and filters for your registered WordPress users. By using the Users Insights smart filters, you have the tools to analyze and better understand your EDD customers.


Number of purchases

The Easy Digital Downloads Purchases field shows the number of successful orders that each user has made. Once the EDD module is activated, this field will be automatically added to the users table. You can sort the EDD customers by the number of their orders just by clicking on the Purchases field in the table – in this way you can easily find the customers with highest or lowest number of purchases made:

EDD number of customer purchases
This field is also available as a filter, so you can segment your EDD customers by the number of their purchases:

Easy Digital Downloads filter user number of orders

By combining the purchases filter with the other smart filters, you can further segment your users list and get more specific results. For example, you can get the list of the EDD customers who have made more than 2 orders and are located in the United States by using the following filters:

Easy Digital Downloads filter by number of orders and country


Last order date

With the Easy Digital Downloads module, Users Insights also adds a Last Order Date column to the users table. This field can be useful to see the users that have placed an order recently, just by sorting the users table by the Last Order Date:

EDD customer last order date

The Last Order Date field can be also used to find the customers who haven’t made any orders for a while. For example, you can use the Last Order Date filter to list the users, whose last order was more than 60 days ago:

Easy Digital Downloads customer last order dare


Lifetime value

The lifetime value field adds the total spent amount for each user in the Users Insights table. As with the other fields, you can easily order your users by the total spent field and get to see who your most valuable customers are in terms of the amount spent on your digital products:

EDD customer lifetime value

With the Easy Digital Downloads Total Spent filter, you can also easily filter your customers by their lifetime value.


Filter users by products ordered

Besides the above-mentioned additional fields, the Easy Digital Downloads module for the Users Insights WordPress plugin also adds an option to filter your users by the ordered products. This filter can be used to filter your users by the products that they have or haven’t ordered. In order to see the list of all the users who have ordered a particular product, you can add an “Ordered Products” filter, select the “include” option and then select the product from the product list.

Easy Digital Downloads filter by product ordered

If you select “exclude” instead, you will get the list of all the customers who haven’t purchased the selected product.


Filter by order status

The Easy Digital Downloads Order Status filter, as the name suggests, allows you to filter your EDD customers by the statuses of their orders.

EDD filter customers by order statuses

For example, this filter can be useful to find the customers who have pending orders, or you can find the customers that have never had refunded or cancelled orders, so you can reward them with special offers or gift vouchers.


View the Easy Digital Downloads users orders list

The Easy Digital Downloads module for Users Insights also adds some additional EDD activity details to the user profile section. The module adds a list with the several most recent orders, including info about the order status and also a link to the EDD order page where you can view and edit the order details:

Easy Digital Downloads customer profile activity

The list also includes a “View” link that opens the Easy Digital Downloads orders page, filtering the orders by the selected user. Here you can see the full details for each order made by the selected user.


Easy Digital Downloads Reports

Users Insights also comes with a Reports page, that includes various Easy Digital Downloads sales reports. This can help you monitor some of the most important metrics on your store, such as the number of sales, customer lifetime value and license renewals. All of the reports are presented in the form of dynamic interactive charts.

To learn more, head over to the Easy Digital Downloads Reports page.

EDD reports