The Users Insights WordPress users table includes various fields for the users data listed – some of the fields include the default WordPress users data and other include additional data that is generated by the Users Insights plugin.

UsersInsights users table


Default Fields

  • Username
  • Name
  • E-mail
  • Date registered
  • Role
  • Website
  • Number of posts created
  • Number of comments created
  • Last seen date
  • Sessions
  • User Groups
  • Number of notes
  • All the registered custom user fields


Device Detection Module Fields

  • Browser
  • Browser Version
  • Platform


Geolocation Module Fields

  • Country
  • Region
  • City


WooCommerce Module Fields

  • Number of orders
  • First order
  • Last order date
  • Lifetime Value
  • Number of reviews

Also available in the filter:

  • Filtering by products ordered
  • Filtering by order status
  • Filtering by coupon used


WooCommerce Subscriptions

  • Number of subscriptions
  • Subscription statuses
  • Next payment date


Paid Memberships Pro Module Fields

  • Membership level
  • Membership status
  • Member since
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Lifetime value
  • Number of payments
  • Last payment date
  • Billing country
  • Billing state
  • Billing city

Also available in the filter:

  • Filtering by discount code used


Easy Digital Downloads Module Fields

  • Number of Orders
  • Lifetime value
  • Last order date

Also available in the filter:

  • Filtering by products ordered
  • Filtering by order status


bbPress Module Fields

  • Number of forums created
  • Number of topics created
  • Number of replies posted


BuddyPress Module Fields

  • Number of groups created
  • Number of groups belonging to
  • Number of friends
  • Number of activity updates
  • All the registered user profile (Xprofile) fields

Also available in the filter:

  • Filtering by groups belonging to


LearnDash Module Fields

  • Number of courses completed
  • Number of courses in progress
  • Number of lessons completed
  • Number of topics completed
  • Number of quiz attempts
  • Number of quiz passes
  • Last LearnDash activity date

Also available in the filters:

  • Has completed course
  • Has not completed course
  • Has enrolled to course
  • Has not enrolled to course
  • Has passed quiz
  • Has not passed quiz


Ultimate Member Module Fields

  • Community role
  • All the registered form fields


WooCommerce Memberships

  • Number of memberships
  • Member since
  • Membership statuses

Also available in the filter:

  • Membership plans


Gravity Forms Module Fields

  • All the custom user fields registered with the Gravity Forms User Registration Add-on

Also available in the filters:

  • Filtering by forms submitted
  • Filtering by forms that haven’t been submitted


Selecting the visible fields in the Users Insights users table

All of the above-mentioned fields are available in the Users Insights users table (some require activating the corresponding module), however working with many fields can be sometimes overwhelming and that’s why we have created an option that allows you to easily show/hide and reorder the fields. In this way you can organise the user table based on your project needs and you can work only with the fields that you need:

users insights order table fields


The selection of visible fields is saved per user, so that if multiple administrators work on the same WordPress installation, every one of them can have his/her own selection of visible fields.