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WordPress user management plugin that puts your users data in one intuitive, beautiful and searchable place, ready for you and your team to interact with.

Understand Your WordPress Users

Users Insights gives you the tools to make sense of your WordPress users data. Offering better products and services would be a lot easier when you can see who your users are and how they interact with your site.
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Get Specific with Filters

The Users Insights smart filters allow you to analyze your WordPress users data and find the answers to your questions. You can easily filter the users data by different criteria, without having to write a single line of code.
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Questions Users Insights can answer

Understanding your users can help you create better products or services.

Who are the most active users on my WordPress site and how often do they show up?

How do the users interact with my site and what content have they created ?

Who are the users that are the most active buyers on my WooCommerce Shop?

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See where your users are

The Users Insights interactive map shows you where your users are around the globe.

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