With the MemberPress module of Users Insights you can search, filter and explore your MemberPress user data. The module detects the MemberPress membership data and makes it available in the user table and filters. With this data available, you can do various analysis reports, such as find your active and inactive members, see who your most valuable members are or explore your members’ transactions. Additionally, from the user profile section you can view a detailed list of each user’s memberships and transactions. There is also a reports section that provides a visual representation of the MemberPress membership data and activity, in the form of interactive charts. Now, let’s explore each feature in more detail.


Member status

As its name implies, this field indicates the status of each member. The status can be active or inactive. An active member is any user who has at least one active membership (either recurring or non-recurring).

MemberPress member status field

The Member Status field is also available in the filters, so you can filter your user list by this field:

MemberPress filter by member status


Number of memberships

The Memberships field indicates the number of memberships that each user has ever been subscribed to. This includes both currently active and inactive memberships. A subscription is counted as one membership when there is at least one completed transaction associated with it. This field is also available in the filters, so you can search your users by their number of memberships:

MemberPress membership number


Active memberships

As the name suggests, this field displays the names of the active memberships for each user.

MemberPress active user memberships


Filtering users by their membership

Users Insights comes with a powerful filter called “Has a membership”. With this filter, you can search your MemberPress users by different criteria of their membership:

  • Product – membership product
  • Status – active or inactive
  • Date created – date when the membership was created. You can specify a date range where you can optionally leave one of the date conditions empty if you wish to specify a before/after date only. This filter is inclusive of the dates specified.
  • Date expiring – expiry date of the current membership transaction. For recurring subscriptions, the transaction expiration date is also the date when a renewal will be attempted. Similarly, this filter is inclusive of the dates entered.

MemberPress has membership filter

You can use the combination of any of these criteria when using this filter. For example, to find all members who have an active membership with a selected product/plan, you can use the combination of “Product” and “Status” options.

MemberPress find active members by product

Or if you need to find how many of your members who have started a membership in 2018, still have their membership active, you can use the combination of “Status” and “Date created” options:

MemberPress find active members by date started

This filter can be used to perform various searches, some other examples include:

  • Find all members whose membership expired last year
  • List the members who have ever been subscribed to a certain membership, regardless of their status
  • Find all members who currently have an active membership of two selected products (e.g. “Has a membership with status active and product Personal Plan” + “Has a membership with status active and product Gold Plan”)


Member lifetime value

The Lifetime value field indicates the amount that each MemberPress user has spent. By clicking on the field name in the table, you can sort the members by their lifetime value. Additionally, you can filter the members by this field. In this way you can find who your most valuable members are.

MemberPress search users by lifetime value

This field can also be combined with any of the other filters. For example, you can segment your users by their membership product and then explore the total amount for each of them.


First/Last transaction date

As their names suggest, these fields indicate the dates of the users’ first and last transactions. This includes transactions with any status, including completed and refunded transactions.

While the Date Registered field can show you for how long each user has been registered, it might not always indicate when their membership activity has started. For example, some users might be just newsletter subscribers, and become members at a later point. Therefore, in cases like this, the First transaction date field can be useful.

You can sort and filter the member table by both of these fields (used separately or together).

MemberPress filter members by transaction dates


Number of transactions

The transactions field denotes the number of transactions that each user has made. This includes transactions with any status. The number of transactions field can be another indicator that you can use to analyse your member activity, especially when combined with some of the other MemberPress filters:

MemberPress search users by number of transactions


Filter members by coupons used

Users Insights also provides a filter that you can use to segment your members by the coupon codes used. The filter provides a dropdown list that lets you choose from the available MemberPress coupons. You can further combine this filter with any of the other filters to gain some useful insights. For example, you might find that users who use a coupon at signup might be keeping their memberships active for longer periods.

MemberPress has used coupon filter


Custom user fields

In addition to the membership activity, Users Insights also automatically detects the MemberPress custom fields. The fields are automatically available in the user table and filters. This means that you can easily search and explore the user submitted data.

Additionally, Users Insights detects the type of each MemberPress field and based on the type, provides the corresponding search options:

  • Text fields – you can perform text based searches, such as “contains” or “starts with”. Alphabetical sorting is available.
  • Dropdown and Radio Buttons – these MemberPress fields allow your users to select one option from a list of predefined options. You can see the selected value for each user in the user table. Additionally, when filtering by these types of fields, Users Insights provides a list of the available options to select from. You can apply filters like “is” and “is not”. Here is an example of how this filter looks like:MemberPress custom field filter
  • Multi-select and Checkboxes – with these fields the user can select multiple options from a predefined list of options. Similarly, you can explore the values selected in the user table. And additionally, the predefined field options are available for you to select from when using the filter.

The following example illustrates searching the MemberPress users by their custom fields. The “Job title” field is a text field where we have applied a text contains filter. And with the Multi-Select “Languages” field we search for users who have selected “English” as one of their spoken languages. Additionally using the eye-icon menu we can select which fields to be visible on the table, so we can only explore the ones of interest.

MemberPress filter users by custom fields


MemberPress activity in user profile section

The user profile section is the place where you can see all of the user data that Users Insights has detected. This includes data from all supported 3rd party plugins, such as MemberPress. In the profile section you can explore the membership activity of each user in more detail. Additionally, this is another place where you can explore the MemberPress custom fields of the selected user.

MemberPress user profile

The first column on the left is where you can see all of the custom fields data submitted by the user. If you have a large number of fields, you can use the profile organization features that allow you to group the fields in sections and hide some of them.

MemberPress user profile custom fields

The Activity section in the middle contains two key elements – Memberships and Transactions.

The Memberships section lists all the memberships that the user is or has been subscribed to. This includes both active and inactive memberships. As we’ve mentioned above, Users Insights detects a membership when there is at least one completed transaction associated with it. The following data is available for each membership:

  • The name of the membership product
  • The current status of the membership (active or inactive)
  • Date created
  • Expiry date
  • Type (recurring or non-recurring)
  • A link to view all related transactions

MemberPress user membership list

The Transactions section lists the five most recent transactions of the member. Each transaction item contains the following information:

  • Transaction ID
  • Date created
  • Total amount of the transaction
  • Membership product
  • Expiry date
  • Coupon used

This section also includes a “View all” link that opens the MemberPress page listing all of the transactions of this user.


Exporting the MemberPress member data

The Users Insights Export feature allows you to export the user table results with all of the selected visible columns. By clicking on the export button, Users Insights will generate a CSV file of the current listed results on the table. This includes all filters applied, selected visible columns and the sort options. In this way, you can easily create a custom export of your MemberPress data.

For example, if we wanted to export all of the active members of the Silver membership, we could apply the corresponding filter and click on the Export button.

MemberPress apply filters before export

This will generate a CSV file that shows exactly the same results that we see on the table:

MemberPress export members

Bringing it all together

With Users Insights, you can combine all of the available fields and filters in the way you like. Therefore you are not limited to the above-mentioned MemberPress features. You can easily use the MemberPress fields along with any of the available features and supported 3rd party plugin fields. For example, if you are using the Geolocation module, you can filter your members by their location. Or you can analyze your member activity based on their page visits.

MemberPress combine filters


Visual MemberPress reports

In addition to all of the MemberPress fields and filters that Users Insights provides in the user table, there is also a visual reports dashboard where you can analyze your membership site performance. With the MemberPress reports you can explore your member activity, such as signups, payments or ended memberships over time. You can also analyze the separate membership products performance based on their statuses and number of members. You can learn more about all of the available reports on the MemberPress Reports page.

Visual MemberPress reports