How to create WooCommerce customer registration with custom fields

Registered users are very important to any store. Once a user creates an account you get to know them a lot better, and their future purchases are made easier. But the registration process itself can be improved besides the default registration page, by adding custom fields or even a whole new registration form. Today we are going to see how you can create WooCommerce custom registration forms and add custom user fields to it.

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ACF user registration and data segmentation

In this article we are going to show you how you can use the ACF Pro plugin to create custom user registration forms. We are also going to see how you can use the Users Insights plugin to map and read the ACF user fields. This will allow you to better understand your users, and it will give you a solid basis for the decision-making process.

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Converting user meta fields into a readable format

The Users Insights plugin can be used to read your custom user meta fields from a wide range of plugins. The problem is that not all plugins will store your data in a human-readable format. We do have modules for some plugins and they will to do this conversion and show you your data in a way that it makes sense for you. But for the plugins that we don’t have modules for it’s still possible to read your data.

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