A visual guide to WordPress user login hooks

In this article we are going to discuss the WordPress hooks that are triggered during the user login process. WordPress calls many different actions and filters throughout its sign in process.┬áIf you need to customize the default WordPress login functionality, you will need to understand which hooks are called and at which point of the code execution they are called. That’s why we have created a detailed graphic that will help you understand the sequence of these hooks and how everything comes together.

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A visual guide to WordPress user registration hooks

There are many different WordPress hooks that are called during the user creation and registration process and it’s very important to understand how everything works together in order to choose the most appropriate hooks for your task. In this article we are going to deep dive into WordPress user registration hooks. We are going to show you some visual representations to help you understand which actions and filters are called during user registration, as well as the sequence in which they are called.

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