How to view customer cart in WooCommerce

This article will let you know how to view customer cart in your WooCommerce store. If you’re using WooCommerce to run your online store, you may have noticed it isn’t possible to find the cart content of your WooCommerce customers cart.

Sometimes shop owners want to know things like how many items a particular customer has in their cart or what their total value is without having to contact and ask the customer itself. This information can prove useful for shop owners around understanding shopping and product recommendations, or just trying to track their customer shopping habits.

Why you might want to see the WooCommerce customer cart

  • View of live customer data for troubleshooting problems with your customers. When trying to help a customer with a purchase the last thing you want is to be left in the dark about what’s going on on their side or if they have actually added the product to the WooCommerce cart. By being able to view another customer’s cart, you can make sure that the purchase goes as smoothly as possible and that your customers are kept happy throughout the process.
  • Abandoned cart tracking and improvement (WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery). Abandoned carts in WooCommerce are a big issue. There are many WooCommerce plugins and Woocommerce itself has a solution, but it’s not always working as expected. This is why you want to see a customer’s cart so that you can better understand why they abandon it and how to recover it.

woocommerce view customer cart

Where does WooCommerce store cart data

By default, WooCommerce stores cart data in the WooCommerce database. This is not done by creating a custom database table for each customer. Different information about the cart is stored by WooCommerce in different ways. Some data is stored in the $woocommerce  object like data about session, cart info, subtotal, etc. Also, the woocommerce_sessions  table in the WooCommerce database stores customer session data that contains the cart content. But for our tutorial, we will not need to know all of these details as we are going to use the Users Insights cart feature to view customer cart items.

How do I view customer carts in WooCommerce

To view the customer cart in WooCommerce, you can go to the Users Insights plugin page and click on any of the customers in the user table. This will open the customer profile page and if that specific customer has any item in their cart it should be listed under the activity section of the profile.

This section allows shop owners and shop managers to view the number of items in a customer’s cart (cart count), as well as the total cost of those items (cart total), before proceeding to checkout. Just make sure that you have the “item in cart” section marked as shown in the profile settings section. This setting should be active by default but you can choose whether to have it shown or hidden on your WooCommerce customer dashboard.

woocommerce view customer cart

How do I find a specific user’s cart content

To find a specific user’s cart, you can search for that specific customer by using the Users Insights smart filters. You can search users by their email address, date registered, last activity, purchased products, or any of the available filters and fields.

woocommerce view specific customer cart

How to find all customers who have items in the cart

To find all customers who have at least one item in the cart you can use the “cart” filter and select the “cart has items”. This filter will return a list of all customers who have at least one item in their cart:

woocommerce view customer cart has items

You can use these filters to create a custom cart abonnement segment. By checking this segment from time to tie you can create your own abandoned cart reports and track cart abandonment rate over time.

How to view all customers who have a specific product in the cart

To see a list of all customers who have a specific product in the cart you can use the has product in cart filter. Once you select this filter a drop-down of all of your WooCommerce products will show up and allows you to select or search for the product in question. Once applied this filter will allow you to see all customers who have that specific product in their cart:

woocommerce view customer cart has product

What is WooCommerce abandoned cart?

A WooCommerce abandoned cart refers to an online shopping cart that is created on a WooCommerce online store but is never completed. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but the most common one is that the customer adds products to the cart, but never completes the purchase. This is an indication that the customer has at least some interest and intention to buy the product but for some reason decided not to. The average cart abandonment rate for WooCommerce stores is around 60%-70%.

Why do people abandon their carts?

There are many reasons why customers abandon their carts at an online store. Some common reasons include:

  • The WooCommerce checkout process was too long or complicated: The customer may have been put off by a long or complicated checkout page process and decided not to complete the purchase.
  • The product price was too high: The customer may have thought the item was too expensive and decided not to buy it.
  • There were shipping costs that the customer did not expect: The customer may have been surprised by the high shipping costs shown on the cart page and decided not to complete the purchase.
  • The customer is not ready to purchase: The customer may have just been browsing and was not actually ready to make a purchase.
  • The customer changed their mind: The customer may have decided they don’t want the item after all or they found a better deal elsewhere.
  • The website was too slow: The customer may have become frustrated with a slow-loading website and decided to leave.

Why and how should you improve your cart and checkout experience?

There are a few key reasons why you should improve your cart and checkout experience for your online store. By improving your cart and checkout, you can reduce the number of WooCommerce abandoned carts and increase sales. So instead of focusing on cart abandonment recovery and trying to recover cart abandonment with different abandonment cart plugins and abandonment cart emails, you can reduce the cart abandonment percent overall. Better cart and checkout experience can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to repeat customers. Finally, improving your cart and checkout can help you stand out from the competition.



In today’s article, we have explored the different ways you can view customer carts in WooCommerce. We have also explored how to use the cart content data from your WordPress website to search and filter your customer and get some insights about your cart abandonment and what you can do about it.