How to get cart items in WooCommerce with code

One of the most important features of an e-commerce store is the ability for customers to add items to their cart and review their cart before making a purchase. This tutorial will explore how to get the cart items in WooCommerce using two different methods. The first method is using some custom PHP code and then we are going to explore an alternative method to view the customer cart with the help of a WordPress plugin.

Now let’s look at some of the code we will need to use in order to get cart items in WooCommerce.

The WooCommerce cart object instance

To get started, we will need to access the global $woocommerce  variable which provides access to the WooCommerce class and all of its methods. We will then use the get_cart()  method to retrieve an array of items currently in the cart.

The cart object instance represents the current cart for the user and allows you to retrieve information about the items in the cart.

woocommerce get cart items

WooCommerce cart items

Cart items represent the products that a customer has added to their cart. Each cart item contains data such as the product name, product quantity, and price. We can retrieve the cart items using the get_cart() method of the cart object instance.

Getting product data

Product data refers to the information associated with each product in the cart, such as the product name, quantity, and price. We can retrieve product data using various methods of the product object, such as get_name(), get_quantity(), and get_price().

    global $woocommerce;
    $items = $woocommerce->cart->get_cart();

        foreach($items as $item => $values) { 
            $_product =  wc_get_product( $values['data']->get_id()); 
            echo "<b>".$_product->get_title().'</b>  <br> Quantity: '.$values['quantity'].'<br>'; 
            $price = get_post_meta($values['product_id'] , '_price', true);
            echo "  Price: ".$price."<br>";

Let’s break down the code :

  1. The first line declares the $woocommerce object as global, which means that it can be accessed from within the function or method where this code is being used.
  2. The next line retrieves the contents of the cart using the get_cart() method of the $woocommerce->cart object, and stores them in the $items variable.
  3. The foreach loop then iterates over the items in the cart, assigning each item to the $values variable.
  4. Within the loop, the wc_get_product() function is used to retrieve the product object for the current item, based on its ID.
  5. The product title and quantity are then displayed using the get_title() and quantity properties of the $values array.
  6. The loop then continues to the next item in the cart until all items have been processed.

Then we can display the product title and quantity for the current cart item. The above code snippet will get cart items, get the cart total, get the product name, and display a list of cart items where each item in the list will display the number of items, product name, and the total value of each item.

You can choose where to display the code by adding the code to a specific section of your WooCommerce child theme or by creating a custom shortcode.

You can use this code snippet in your WooCommerce store to display the cart items and their prices for your customers to review before making a purchase.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your WooCommerce Customer Data

How to Get Cart Items in WooCommerce without Code

Users Insights is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to easily retrieve various user data from your WooCommerce store, including their cart items.

woocommerce view customer cart has items

Here’s how you can use the plugin to get cart items in WooCommerce:

  1. Install and activate the Users Insights plugin on your WordPress site.
  2. Go to the Users Insights dashboard and click on the “Filters” button. From the list of filters, select the “Cart has items” filter.
  3. You should now see a list of users who have items in their cart. You can click on each user to open the user profile page and see their cart items.
  4. To see more information about the cart items, go to the “Items in cart” section of the Users Insights profile page.

If the items in the cart column is not available by default in the Users Insights table you can activate it via the “Eye” menu on the right. This will add a new column to the list of users, which will show you the number of cart items for each user.

With the Users Insights plugin, you can easily retrieve cart item data from your WooCommerce store without having to write any code. The plugin makes it simple to filter and export the data, which can be useful for analyzing and optimizing your sales processes.


In conclusion, the ability to get cart items in WooCommerce is essential to providing customers with an easy and seamless shopping experience. By using the code snippet provided above, you can easily retrieve and display cart items in your WooCommerce store. Or if you prefer a more out-of-the-box option you can use the Users Insights plugin