If you are experiencing problems with the loading of the user table, it’s very likely that it might be related with one of the fields loaded, some installation/server settings or just because too much data is being loaded at once. Some of the problems that you might experience are:

  • table not loading due to a database error (status code 400)
  • slow loading of the table
  • table not loading due to a request-related error (status code 403 or 404)


Database error or slow loading of table

This might happen when the query attempting to load the selected user data hits some server limits, especially when the server has more restrictions (e.g. maximum allowed database joins or maximum execution time when too much data is being loaded at once).

First of all let’s see how Users Insights loads the data in the table. The table loading is optimized to load only the data that is requested. This includes:

  • The visible columns on the table
  • The fields that are used in the filters
  • A column that is hidden on the table, but used to sort the table by it (e.g. you might sort the table by the Last Seen column and then decide to hide it)

Therefore, just by toggling the column visibility you can control how the data is loaded.

To troubleshoot the problem, you can try the following:

  1. Use the eye-icon menu (top right corner) to hide all the columns except the Username column
  2. Sort the user table by the Username column (click on the Username cell of the table)
  3. Remove all the filters
  4. Refresh the page

In this way, only the username column will be loaded, which is the bare minimum of data that can be loaded. It is most likely that you won’t experience any problems with just the username column loaded.

After this, by using the eye-icon menu, try to enable the columns one by one, starting with the ones that you need to be visible all of time time. We always recommend keeping the number of visible columns to a minimum, so that the table won’t attempt to load too much data at once.

It is very likely that just by minimizing the number of visible columns, the issue will not be happening anymore. However, if you still experience the issue, please send us a support request, so we can assist you. If you are experiencing a database error, please make sure to also send us the debug info of the error.

Request-related errors (403 or 404)

If you are getting an error with status code 403 or 404, it means that the AJAX request that Users Insights sends to load the user data is being blocked by your server. This could be most likely caused by a security plugin or some server security settings, which often block some requests when they contain a specific keyword. If that’s the case, check the server/plugin’s settings and make sure that it’s not blocking the Users Insights requests. Security plugins often provide logs of the blocked requests, so this could help you trace the issue.

If you need to know the exact URL of the request that is being blocked or need any further assistance with this, please feel free to send us a support request, so we can assist you.