New Ultimate Member features in Users Insights 2.5

Version 2.5 of Users Insights is now available, featuring some new features for the Ultimate Member module, including support for the User Tags extension and improved filters functionality. Additionally, this update introduces some behind the scenes optimizations resulting in a faster user profile loading, as well as some other general code optimizations.


Ultimate Member User Tags support

Users Insights now supports the User Tags extension of the Ultimate Member plugin. The User Tags extension allows creating a profile field with predefined tags that the users can select from, being easy to find other users with the same tags.

ultimate member user tags support

With the 2.5 update Users Insights now detects all the User Tags fields automatically and makes them available in the user table and filters.

list ultimate member user tags


You can make the User Tags columns visible in the user table, as well as filter your user list by any of the tags. In this way, you can easily find the list of users that belong or don’t belong to one or more selected tags, just by using filters like “contains” and “does not contain”:

filter members by ultimate member usertags


Ultimate Member Filter Improvements

Another new feature that the 2.5 update introduces is improved filters for the Ultimate Member checkbox and multi-option fields. Now, when you select to filter the users by a field from those types, a list with the available options is available to choose from. This makes it easier to use the filters, without having to remember the exact names of the options available.



User Profile Query Optimizations

This update also includes some optimizations of the User Profile query. The User Profile section now loads much faster, especially if you have many custom fields created, including Ultimate Member and Gravity Forms fields. The optimizations consist of separating the ultimate member custom fields as a new query, making the main user query and member reporting perform much faster.


Other Changes

Other changes in this update include additional “is set” and “is not set” operators for the option filters – the option filters are the ones that represent fields that store one option of a list of available options (such as drop-down and radio fields). With those new operators, you can filter the user list by an option field and find the users that have/have not a value saved for the corresponding field.

The 2.5 update also includes some general code improvements and minor bug fixes. One of them is supporting the new format of storing radio fields data with Ultimate Member. Previous versions of Ultimate Member used to store the radio fields data as a plain text format, however now with the latest version the data is stored as a PHP serialized format. Users Insights now supports both formats when listing the data in the user table and filtering the users by a radio field.