Smart Filters

Easily filter the WordPress users data by different criteria


View a real-time summary of your WordPress user data


See where your WordPress users are around the globe

Export WordPress Users

Customizable export of your WordPress users data

User Groups

Organize your WordPress users with User Groups

Custom User Fields

Add and manage custom fields for your WordPress users


Create custom segments of your WordPress users

User Notes

Add and manage custom notes for your WordPress users

User Profile Pages

Shows detailed information for each WordPress user

Page Visit Tracking

Find which pages your users visit while logged in

Device Detection

See what browser and patform your WordPress users use

Users Sessions

Analyze how active your WordPress users are

Available Table Fields

View all of the available users fields in the Users Insights table

Instant Integration

Works out of the box, no technical skills required

Optimized Data Loading

AJAX powered, optimized loading with data caching and pagination



Shows detailed information about the orders of your WordPress users

Ultimate Member

Analyze, segment and search your Ultimate Member user data


Analyze the users activity on your BuddyPress social network

Gravity Forms

List, search and filter your Gravity Forms user data


List, search and filter your LearnDash user activity

Paid Memberships Pro

Search, filter and analyze your member data

Profile Builder Pro

Search, filter and analyze your Profile Builder Pro user data

WooCommerce Subscriptions

List, search and filter your WooCommerce Subscriptions user data


Analyze the forums, topics and replies data of your users

WooCommerce Memberships

Search, filter and analyze your WooCommerce Memberships data


Explore and analyze your MemberPress user data and activity

Events Calendar & Event Tickets

Search and filter your Events Calendar and Event Tickets user data

Easy Digital Downloads

Analyze the Easy Digital Downloads purchases data of your WordPress users