How to filter WordPress users by content created?

The type of content that users can create in WordPress can be very different. What kind of content your WordPress users create depends on your website type and purpose. For a blog website, the content can be simple blog comments from your readers or articles written by your authors. For online stores, the content is usually in the form of product reviews and products added by the store owners. If you are running a BuddyPress social network, your WordPress user content can be all kind of activities, messages, groups etc.

Not all of your users are going to participate equally in the content creation on your website. There is a version of the Power Law that is called the 1% rule. It is a rule of thumb describing the participation of Internet users in the content creation. Basically, what it says is that only 1% of the users of an interactive website will create new content and the rest 99% will observe, but not participate. Following the Power Law of distribution and the 1% rule, very small number of users are going to be responsible for the creation of the most of the content on your website. Identifying your most active content creators and knowing what type of content they have created, is a valuable information that can help you better manage your users and optimize your website.


Ordering the users by the content created

In general, there are two ways to find what content a particular user has created with Users Insights. One way is to simply order your WordPress users table by using any of the content related fields like number of posts, comments, etc. This will get you a ordered list of your users by the number of content items that they have created in all the different types. You can also access a detailed list of all the content that each WordPress user has created by opening the user’s profile page. The user profile page shows an extended list of all the content that a user has created, organized in groups by the different types of content.


Filtering users by the content created

Another way to find your active content creators is by using the Users Insights smart filters to filter your users by the content they have created. By using multiple filters, you can further segment your users data and get a more detailed users list. Here are some examples that illustrate how you can use the filters to analyze your users by the content that they have created.


How to see the most active commenters

In order to find the users with the most comments on your WordPress site, all you need to do is order your users table by the number of comments. You can do this by clicking on the number of comments field in the users table.

UsersInsights users table

Once you have the list of the users with the most comments, you can click on any user to open the his profile page, where you can see a full list of all the comments that this user has created.

The stackable filters allow you to do more advanced filtering. For example, let’s just say you want to find the users who used to be more active commentators, but haven’t shown any activity recently – this could be the WordPress users that have al least 3 comments but haven’t showed up in the last month. In order to load this list, you need to add one filter that shows all of the users that have more than 3 comments. Then you can add a filter by “Last Seen Date” to further segment these users, so that only the ones that haven’t been seen in the last month are displayed.

users insights filter wordpress users by number of comments
The same method can be used to see the users with the most posts and pages created, the most topics and replies created in bbPress, or the most BuddyPress groups created.