WordPress as CRM

The Ultimate Gude

The ultimate guide to using WordPress as CRM system

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: What is CRM and why is it important
    • What problem is CRM trying to solve
    • Who can benefit from a CRM system
    • Why is CRM important
    • Understanding your customers
    • How to understand your customers
    • Communicate with your customers
    • Offer better customer services
    • Find and keep your loyal customers
    • Develop a marketing strategy
  • Chapter 2: CRM Features
    • Features that CRM software provides
  • Chapter 3: How to use WordPress as CRM
    • Why use WordPress as a CRM
    • How to use WordPress as a CRM
    • Collecting the User Data
    • User Groups and Leads
    • Digging into your data
  • Conclusion