How to find best selling products in WooCommerce

In this article, we are going to see how to find the best selling products in WooCommerce. We are also going to explore some of the ways you can use this information to improve your WooCommerce store performance and increase your revenue.

A lot of online stores show you what their best selling products are, usually right on the home page. This is one of the most common practices among online stores to show social proof and the reason is that it works. When it comes to the things people want and have, we’re social creatures. That means we’re often drawn to what others around us are getting. There’s a sense of comfort that comes with knowing you’re buying something that is popular among your peers. And because of that, it’s tough to go wrong with choosing the most popular option.

There are two main usages for using the best selling product data to improve shop performance. The first one is to find and monitor your best selling products and the other one is to showcase your best selling products to your customers. Both methods can work really well if used properly.

Showing your best sellers for WooCommerce

Showcasing your best selling products on your WooCommerce shop page can be a great way to increase sales and encourage customers to buy more from your store. You can further improve performance with the ability to show the best selling products from a specific category, the ability to show how many sales each product has made, etc. But before we can show off our top selling products we need to know what products are the top selling products.

How to find the best selling products on WooCommerce

If you’re looking for the best selling products on WooCommerce, then you’ll want to check out Users Insights. This plugin allows you to see which products are selling the most, so you can make sure you’re stocking your store with the items that your customers want.

To find the best selling products in WooCommerce, you can go to the Users Insights -> Reports page in your WordPress dashboard and then click on the “WooCommerce” tab. From there, you can see a large number of charts and analytics about your WooCommerce shop performance. One of the reports listed here is the “Top ordered products” report.

WooCommerce top ordered products list

The “Top ordered products” report lists the best selling products over the whole period for your WooCommerce store. If you want to customize this list, you can click on the filter button in the top right section of the reports’ header and then select the criteria that you want to use to filter the results.

woocommerce top ordered products report

Best Seller List

The best-seller list (or Top ordered products) for WooCommerce products is a great way to see the most popular items on your site. You can customize the list to show the top sellers in specific time periods, so you can monitor products that are consistently selling well.

How to list the number of sales for each product

You can list the number of sales for each product by hovering over each product in the chart. This will display the total number of sales for each product in your WooCommerce store for the selected period. If you want to display the number of total sales for a different period, all you have to do is change the time frame in the filter as described above.

woocommerce Best Seller List

This allows shop owners to see the number of sales for each product in real-time, allowing them to make decisions about which products are selling well and which ones need more promotion. This information is critical in understanding what customers want and ensuring that the company is meeting those needs.

WooCommerce best selling product report

If you want to dig deeper into the best selling product data, you can use the WooCommerce product sales reports. This report offers a range of features to assist you in creating reports for specific products, customers, or dates.

WooCommerce product sales reports

WooCommerce Customers also bought these items

If you sell multiple products in your WooCommerce store is likely that some customers will buy multiple related products. Customers who bought one item also bought these items.


 WooCommerce products bought together report

 WooCommerce products bought together report filter by date


The frequently bought together report is a valuable tool that can help businesses understand which products are commonly purchased together. If some items are popular among customers and are often bought together, this information can be available to business owners. This report can help businesses make informed decisions about product bundling, related product recommendations, cross selling, pricing, and marketing strategies.

Additionally, the report can help businesses identify opportunities to cross-sell and upsell products. This can also help customers save time and money by buying these items together.

Best selling product variations

If your best selling products have product variations, this report can help you understand which variations of your product are most popular among customers, as well as any potential trends in ordering behavior, so you can adjust your inventory accordingly. Hovering over each bar in the chart shows the name of the product variation and the number of orders where that variation appears.

WooCommerce top ordered variations report

Each of these variations has its benefits and drawbacks. Ultimately, it is up to the individual company to decide which variation of best selling product is most important to them.

Best selling product attributes

There are a few attributes that make a product best selling. The most important attribute differs between the different products. This report provides additional data that can be used to analyze the performance of WooCommerce variable products. If your product has different colors and sizes, this report will allow you to see which colors and sizes are most popular, both individually and in combination.

WooCommerce top ordered attributes report filter by date

It shows the number of orders in which each variation attribute appears, separately for each attribute. By looking only at variation sales, it is possible to find the most popular variations. On the other hand, this report can serve as a helpful tool for determining customers’ overall preferences.

How to show best seller products to customers

There are a few things that you should look for when you are trying to display best selling products to your customers. This can be done by using a best seller badge, widget, or WooCommerce shortcode. You can also look for a WordPress plugin that will allow you to display the best selling products in your store.

WooCommerce best selling products shortcode

Using the WooCommerce best selling products shortcode is a great way to display your best selling products on your WooCommerce store. The WooCommerce product shortcode will show the best selling products, so you can easily see which products are selling the most. You can configure the number of sales that are displayed in the table.

Select what number of products appear in the best selling products block

You can select what number of products appear in the best selling products section. To do this, you will just need to adjust the limit=’3′ variable to whichever number you want. You can also change how many columns the products will be displayed by adjusting the columns parameter.

Best selling product plugins for WooCommerce

There are many different WooCommerce plugins that you can use to improve your store, and finding the best selling product plugins can be one of them. You should look for a WooCommerce plugin that will allow you not only to showcase the best-selling products but also to choose which products to be shown and hide. This can be done by using a shortcode or by using a dedicated best selling product widget. The widget can display the best selling products in a list format, or the widget can display the best selling products in a grid format. Widgets are usually highly customizable and allow you to change the number of products displayed, the product category filter,  the order in which they are displayed, and the layout of the widget.

Some plugins will allow also you to display the top products on a separate best sellers product page depending on your WordPress theme.


In this article, we have covered how to quickly identify the best selling products on your WooCommerce website and how to display them using simple tools. This way your customers can see the products that deserve more attention and potentially increase sales by showing them more prominently on your checkout page, single product page or your best sellers page.