Users Insights introduces Easy Digital Downloads support

Version 1.1.0 of Users Insights is now available with out of the box support for the Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) plugin.

The integration is provided via the built-in Easy Digital Downloads module. Once the module is activated, it loads various EDD data into the Users Insights table, such as orders information and it also includes additional filters that can be used to filter the WordPress users by different orders criteria.

Order Easy Digital Downloads users by the number of orders

You can read the full details on the Easy Digital Downloads Users Data page, but in short here are the main features that this module provides:

  • Number of orders field – shows the number of EDD orders for each user
  • Lifetime value field – shows the lifetime value (total spent) for each user
  • Last order date field – shows the date of the last order for each user


The fields listed above can be used in the Users Insights filters, so you can, for example filter the users by the number of orders or the date of their last order. The EDD module also includes a couple of additional filters:

  • Products ordered – allows you to filter the WordPress users by the products that they have or haven’t ordered
  • Order status – allows you to filter the WordPress users by the status of their orders. You can choose to include or exclude the users with the selected status.

Filter Easy Digital Downloads customers by ordered product

The Easy Digital Downloads module also includes a list with all of the orders in the user profile page, so you can easily review and open the orders for each user.

The features above can be combined with the default Users Insights features, such as Geolocation or Device Detection, that can give you an insight about how your users interact with your Easy Digital Downloads shop or how often they show up and make a purchase. It can be also very useful to export your customers based on the different orders criteria that you can set.