Introducing GDPR tools in Users Insights

Version 3.6.3 of Users Insights is now available, introducing GDPR tools for your Users Insights data. The new tools integrate with the upcoming WordPress 4.9.6 Privacy tools, allowing you to export and remove the existing personal user data.

We have created a detailed GDPR guide about the Privacy tools of Users Insights. In this guide we have explained how Users Insights handles the different types of data and also described the privacy tools in detail. In short here are all the main features:

  • Implemented tools to export the Users Insights data with the WordPress 4.9.6 Personal Data Exporter
  • Implemented tools to remove the Users Insights data with the WordPress 4.9.6 Personal Data Eraser
  • Register a new Privacy module in Module Options where the export and erase settings can be configured
  • Added suggested texts to the WordPress Privacy Policy page


Other 3.6.3 changes

This update also includes some other changes, most of which were required in order to properly implement the privacy tools.

Activity Module

We have moved the “Last Seen” and “Sessions” fields to a separate Activity module. In this way, you can activate & deactivate this functionality as you wish. In relation with this change, we also changed the way Geolocation and Device Detection work. Prior to this update, they used to depend on the “Last Seen” field and detection would run only when a signed in user visits the site after a period of inactivity. However, since now the Activity module can be deactivated, we had to also introduce additional ways to perform the user detection.

If you decide to deactivate the Activity module, the user table will be then by default sorted by the Date Registered field (unless you change it manually).

Gravity Forms

In this update we also implemented support for the Gravity Forms 2.3 version. In this version, Gravity Forms introduced some database schema changes and Users Insights now supports both the old 2.2 and the new 2.3 schema.