Speed is very important when you work with loading data, especially if you have a large number of users. In the process of building the Users Insights plugin, we have implemented various technologies and technics in order to make the loading and filtering of the data as quick as possible. Users Insights is fully AJAX powered, which means that there is no page refreshing while working with the plugin. This results in improved data loading and much faster user experience.

When working with a larger number of WordPress users, the data that is loaded to display the results is not loaded all at once, but instead the loading is made in chunks – the table would include a numbered pagination that allows you to easily navigate between the different sets of data. Moreover, all of the data in the users table, the pagination, the users profiles pages and the filters applied are cached, which makes working with the plugin much faster. For example, if you apply a filter to your data and visit the second page of the results, when you go back to the first page the page will be loaded instantly from the cache instead of loading all of the data again.