WooCommerce High Performance Order Storage support

Version 4.4 of Users Insights is now available, introducing support for the new WooCommerce High Performance Order Storage (HPOS) feature. When enabled, this will bring improved performance in both WooCommerce and Users Insights.

The latest WooCommerce 7.1 update introduced this new feature, which when enabled will make WooCommerce store its order data into custom order tables in the database, rather than using WordPress custom post types. For the past several years WooCommerce has been using custom post types and post meta to store the order information. This, however, was not an optimal way to store this kind of data and has lead to performance issues, especially for larger stores. The new HPOS feature stores the data in optimized database tables, which will bring increased performance when reading and writing WooCommerce order data. This also means that all WooCommerce data will be loaded much faster in Users Insights.

Currently the HPOS feature is by default disabled and can be optionally enabled by following these instructions. However the WooCommerce team is planning to make HPOS the default order storage from WooCommerce 8.0, which is currently scheduled for August 2023. You can read more about the WooCommerce HPOS feature here.

Once the HPOS feature is enabled in your store’s WooCommerce settings, Users Insights will detect that, and will automatically switch to loading data from the new custom order database tables.

Update: Version 4.4.1 of Users Insights now supports HPOS for the WooCommerce Subscriptions module as well. When the HPOS feature is enabled in WooCommerce, Users Insights will automatically read the WooCommerce Subscriptions data from the custom order tables. WooCommerce Subscriptions introduced HPOS support in version 4.9.0, so please make sure that you are running version 4.9.0 or newer before enabling the HPOS feature.

Please note that at this point Users Insights implements HPOS support for the WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions modules only. Other modules, such as WooCommerce Memberships do not officially support HPOS yet and therefore Users Insights has not implemented any changes for their corresponding modules. If these plugins switch to storing their data in HPOS as well, additional updates of Users Insights will be released in the future to support the changes.