Introducing support for Paid Memberships Pro 3.0

Users Insights version 4.5.0 is now available, introducing support for the upcoming Paid Memberships Pro version 3.0 update.

Changes in table fields

Paid Memberships Pro 3.0 is a major update, introducing many new features. One major feature affecting Users Insights is that Paid Memberships Pro now supports multiple memberships per user. Users Insights includes some fields in the user table that are designed to work when users can have only one membership. These fields include:

  • Level – current membership level
  • Status – current membership status
  • Start Date – current membership start date
  • End Date – current membership end date

However these fields don’t make sense when users can have multiple memberships, and therefore they have been removed in Users Insights 4.5 for Paid Memberships Pro version 3.0 and greater.

In their place, the following new fields and filters have been introduced:

  • Member Status
  • Active Memberships
  • Memberships (number)
  • Has a membership filter

Paid Memberships Pro 3.0 new fields

Let’s explore each of these new fields and filters:

Member Status

The member status can be either “active” or “inactive”. It is “active” when the user has at least one active membership, otherwise it is “inactive”. The field is available in the table and filters.

Active Memberships

The active memberships field lists the names of the levels of each user’s active memberships.


This field indicates the number of memberships that each user has. This includes memberships from all statuses, including active, cancelled and expired.

Has a Membership filter

The “Has a membership” filter allows you to search users by different properties of their memberships. This includes:

  • Level
  • Status
  • Start date
  • End date

So, for example, you can easily find all users who have signed up to the “Gold” level plan in 2023 and their membership is still active, by using the following filters:

Paid Memberships Pro 3.0 search users by membership

Other changes

Paid Memberships Pro 3.0 also introduces a dedicated Member page in the dashboard, where you can view the member details, memberships, orders, etc. Related to this feature, Users Insights introduces:

  • a link to the Paid Memberships Pro member page in the user profile section
  • a link to the Paid Memberships Pro user memberships page in the user profile activity section