Introducing a new segments feature in Users Insights 3.3

Version 3.3 of Users Insights is now available, featuring a new segments feature and improved compatibility with the upcoming Ultimate Member 2.0 release. This update also includes various fixes and performance improvements.

The major points in this latest release are:



This have been one of your most requested feature and it’s finally here. The new Segments feature allows you to save your most used filters as a segment for later use. Its usage is quite simple – apply your filters and click on the Segments menu.

Segment button

Then click on the button “Create New Segment” and select a name for your segment to store the current filters:

Creating a new segment in Users Insights

Once you do that, you and your team will be able to quickly retrieve that set of rules, no matter how complex they are:

Retrieve segment


Ultimate Member v2.0 compatibility

The upcoming release of Ultimate Member (version 2.0) is a major release and is going to include a lot of changes. Therefore, we have updated the Users Insights Ultimate Member module to be compatible with this upcoming update.

One of the issues that we fixed was that Users Insights was not detecting the Ultimate Member plugin, due to a change of their code structure. In this update we’ve made sure that Users Insights detects the Ultimate Member fields for both the upcoming version 2.0 and the current version as well.

Another major change the Ultimate Member 2.0 is going to introduce is using native WordPress roles instead of their custom Community Role. Therefore we’ve removed the Community Role column and filter for Ultimate Member 2.0 and newer – from now on you will be able to use the default Role field for that.

We’ve also included some styling fixes on the Users Insights page, since there were some conflicts with the Ultimate Member styles that were loaded on that page.


Multiple code fixes

We’ve fixed an issue with the column ordering from the eye icon that was happening in some cases.

We’ve updated the browser library that is used for device detection to fix a PHP7 deprecation notice. In addition, we’ve included the Edge browser detection.


General code improvements

Lastly there are some general code improvements. These improvements are changes that don’t necessarily create a new feature, but usually improve software performance and organization.