How to find all the LearnDash users who have completed a quiz

Today we are going to show you how you can search and filter you LearnDash users based on their quiz performance. We are going to check multiple use-cases regarding your students, courses, groups and products. Although there is a lot of information you can retrieve, we are mainly going to focus on the LearnDash quiz completed and passed metrics, using different filters to see all its possibilities.

LearnDash is a great tool. It allows you to create a classroom environment and easily manage your students. One of the biggest advantages of online courses is that you can track closely your students’ progress. Due to its digital nature, you can easily store data about lessons taken, quizzes attempted and student interactions with other students.

With Users Insights you can filter, manipulate and export this data which can help you to easily see an overview of all this information. In this article we are going to see how you can use these two plugins in combination, and the main topics we’ll talk about are:

  • The LearnDash module
  • LearnDash Quiz Attempts and Quiz Passes columns and filters
  • Finding quiz pass information
  • Filtering data based on courses
  • Discovering information about specific user groups
  • Combining performance metrics with support products
  • User profile overview

Let’s get started!

The LearnDash module

Once you have both Users Insights and LearnDash installed and active you won’t immediately see all your LearnDash filters and columns. That’s because Users Insights has no way of guessing that you have some custom data you want to manipulate. In order to do that you need to activate a module (if available) or map your custom fields.

Since we have a LearnDash module let’s go for this route. When you activate the module, Users Insights will understand and format your custom fields. Therefore, fields such as dates or serialized data will show in a human readable format. You can activate the module under Users Insights > Module Options:

Activate Learndash Module


LearnDash Quiz Attempts and Quiz Passes columns and filters

After activating that module you’ll have access to all the custom fields, columns and filters for LearnDash. You can see, for example, a quick overview of all quiz attempts and LearnDash quiz completed for your users. For that you can click the “eye” icon and activate these columns:

New columns for Learndash filters

This also allows you to order your users by the total LearnDash quizzes completed (attempted) by clicking on the column title.

This information is good for an overview but also can be used in further manipulations. Since all visible columns are exported as well, you can click the export icon to have this data for all your users:

Export UI + Learndash users

Thus, you can use a spreadsheet software such as Google Docs or Excel to find metrics. For instance, you can find the pass ratio, fail ratio and much more. We have another article on how to create advanced LearnDash and bbPress user activity reports that can give you some ideas.


Finding LearnDash quiz completed information

Checking the overall quiz attempts and passes is great, but maybe you are looking for filtering your users based on this data. If that’s the case you can use the LearnDash custom filters to get your information.

Here are all the possible filters:

  • Lessons Completed (number)
  • Topics Completed (number)
  • Courses Completed (number)
  • Quiz Attempts (number)
  • Quiz Passes (number)
  • Last Activity (date or number of days ago)
  • Has completed course (course name)
  • Has not completed course (course name)
  • Has passed quiz (quiz name)
  • Has not passed quiz (quiz name)
  • Group (name)

Then let’s say you want to know which users have passed the quiz “CSS quiz”, you can filter all these users that have passed this quiz by applying the following filter:

Learndash users who passed quizzes

That’s great when you want to know which users have succeeded so you can get in touch with them. But what if you want to know which users have failed?

Well, for that we’ll need to use some data regarding a specific course.


Filtering data based on courses

If you simply use the “has not passed quiz” filter you might not get the results that you want. That’s because this filter will return all users who haven’t passed that quiz, including the ones who aren’t even in that course. After all, they really haven’t passed that quiz.

Now what you need to do is to use the “has not passed quiz” filter in combination with another filter. You can use the “Has enrolled in course” filter, so that only users who have enrolled in that course in particular will be shown.

Filter LearnDash users who have not passed a quiz

Additionally, you might want to further filter the user list to find the ones who are currently undertaking this course, but haven’t completed it yet. This can be done simply by adding an additional filter “Has not completed course <name>”.

The “Has enrolled in course” filter can be very useful to extract metrics regarding a specific course, especially when each user gets usually enrolled to one course only. If that’s the case, the quiz metrics would be reflecting the selected course only – you can check the same metrics we mentioned before (pass ratio, fail ratio). You just need to filter all users from that course in particular and export your data:

Filter LearnDash users by course enrolled to


Discovering information about specific user groups

You can use Users Insights groups to store important information about your users. You can use the groups to categorize, for example:

  • Amount of purchases – making repeat buyers a different group
  • Influencers – users who are key members of an organization or in a market can have their own group
  • Buying cycle status – categorizing potential, leads and current customers in their own groups
  • Special clients – users who require a particular care (for any reason) can be labelled accordingly
  • Former clients – people who left your company for some reason
  • Feedback – you can label their feedback (be it a 1-10 scale or just how happy they seem to be with their course)

All these groups can be used to extract even more information about your clientele. For example, you may check for trends regarding users who are happy and their LearnDash quiz completed ratio. You’ll probably find a correlation between how hard the curse is, and their quiz completed ratios.

Therefore, you may check the quiz attempt and pass ratio for your leads, so you can help them with their questions and maybe turn them into loyal customers:

Leads quiz pass ratio


Combining performance metrics with support products

Likewise you can check trends regarding additional products you may sell. For example, you may be selling additional textbooks, private classes or other premium content. It would be nice to know the average user pass ratio for these users as well.

In this case you would need to have WooCommerce and the WooCommerce Users Insights module active. You could use the “has purchased product X” filter and export your data for further analysis:

WooCommerce in combination with learndash


User profile overview

Our last feature for today would be the reverse path of what we’ve been doing. Instead of looking at aggregated and general information we’ll look into a user in particular.

When you activate the LearnDash module, in the user profile you’ll see a quick overview of their LearnDash activities. Therefore, it’s possible to see all their quizzes and courses, as well as their grades:

User Profile overview


After all each and every user counts, so it’s very important to keep an eye on their stats to make sure they are making the most out of your content.


Today we saw how you can use Users Insights in combination with LearnDash for a better understanding of your user base. We saw various methods of understanding the LearnDash quiz completion and pass ratios, using different modifiers such as user group, user course and products bought.

We hope you enjoyed it and see you next time!