Introducing WooCommerce Subscriptions Support

In version 2.8 of Users Insights we are introducing the WooCommerce Subscriptions module that provides out of the box support for one of the most popular WooCommerce extensions. If you are using the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension to sell subscriptions and recurring payments products on your website, now you will be able to views search and filter your users by their subscriptions activity. This module can give you the answers to questions like which users have an active subscription or which users have an upcoming renewal.


Find more about your users’ subscription statuses

Some of the features of this module are the “Number of subscriptions” and “Subscriptions statuses” fields. As its name implies, the former shows you the number of subscriptions that each user has, regardless of its status. The Subscription Statuses field on the other hand lists the statuses of all the subscriptions that each user has. Both fields are available in the user table and filters which means that you can filter and search your user list by these fields.

With the help of these fields you can easily find things like:

  • Which of my users are (not) subscribers
  • Which of my users have an active subscription
  • Which of my users have cancelled their subscription
  • Which of my users are the most valuable users (the ones with a higher number of subscriptions)

filter WordPress users by WooCommerce subscription status


Find which users have an upcoming renewal

Another field that we have introduced with the WooCommerce Subscriptions module of Users Insights, is the “Next Payment Date” field. When the user has multiple subscriptions with multiple renewal due dates, this field will show you the most upcoming payment date.

This feature can be very useful if you would like to email your customers that have an upcoming renewal. Just by applying a simple filter to list the users with the most upcoming renewal (such as “Next payment date is before <date>”), you can export the list and then import it to your email campaign service. You could perhaps send these users a reminder about the payment or send them a discount coupon to renew their subscription.

Filter WooCommerce users by subscription next payment date


Using the WooCommerce Module to get more insights

When combined with the WooCommerce module, the WooCommerce Subscriptions module of Users Insights can give you various insights of how your users interact with your shop.

For example, you can use the WooCommerce Ordered Products filter to find which of your users are subscribed to a particular subscription. This is made possible, since the Subscription is an actual WooCommerce product and when you select a Subscription product in this filter, it will list the users that are subscribed to this product.

Additionally, if your shop is subscription based only, you will be able to use the “Number of Orders” field to find how many renewals each users has had. This can give you some useful insights on which of your users are the most valuable ones.

To learn more about WooCommerce Subscriptions module of Users Insights, visit the WooCommerce Subscriptions User Data where all the features are described in detail.