Bulk User Group Editing in Users Insights 3.1

Version 3.1 of Users Insights is now available, featuring a bulk user group editing functionality. This allows you to update (add or remove) the group of multiple users at once. The 3.1 update also improves the way the WooCommerce Lifetime Value field data is loaded.

Bulk User Group Editing

With the new bulk editing feature you can select multiple users at once and add them to or remove them from a user group. To select multiple users at once you can either use the select all users on the page button or you can select users individually. To select the users individually, just hover the avatar image of any of the users that you would like to update and check the checkbox for that user.

Bulk actions select user



Once you have the selection of users that you want to bulk update, just click on the”Bulk Actions” menu that is located above the user table.

Select a bulk action

This will provide you with the option to add the selected user list or to remove them from a user group. You can read more about this feature in the Using Bulk Actions page.


WooCommerce Lifetime Value Improvements

The Lifetime Value of the WooCommerce module represents the total amount that each user has spent on your shop. This is a value that is stored and updated by WooCommerce and prior to version 3.1 of Users Insights, we used to load the WooCommerce value in the user table. However, we have received some reports that in some cases this value is not updated correctly for some of the users. This is why in version 3.1 we have decided to change the way this value is loaded. Instead of relying on the WooCommerce value, Users Insights now computes this value in the database query, which can provide more accurate results.

filter WooCommerce customers by lifetime value

Other changes in version 3.1

In addition to the above-mentioned improvements, version 3.1 of Users Insights also includes the following changes:

  • General UI Improvements. We have improved the appearance and functionality of the checkboxes under the eye-icon menu and in the group edit section of the user profile page. We have also improved the dialog functionality of the Export feature.
  • Prepared Users Insights for the upcoming WooCommerce 3.0 by fixing some minor compatibility issues.
  • General code improvements, including new filters to allow more customisations.