How to create WordPress users programmatically

Today we’ll take a deep dive into how to create WordPress users programmatically. Throughout this article, we look into how to use the wp_create_user() and wp_insert_user() functions. In addition, we’ll compare them and find out where to use each WordPress user function. Furthermore, we’ll explore how to create users with user meta.

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Working with the WordPress user meta query

The WordPress user meta query is a great tool for user search and segmentation. It allows us to go beyond the simple searches by username or email. With this coding tool, we’re able to retrieve users by using the WordPress meta query for any custom fields they have. Additionally, it’s possible to combine different search criteria and gather the exact information we need.

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A visual guide to WordPress user login hooks

In this article we are going to discuss the WordPress hooks that are triggered during the user login process. WordPress calls many different actions and filters throughout its sign in process. If you need to customize the default WordPress login functionality, you will need to understand which hooks are called and at which point of the code execution they are called. That’s why we have created a detailed graphic that will help you understand the sequence of these hooks and how everything comes together.

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